Rubber Expansion Joints, Rubber Expansion Bellows

Rubber Expansion Bellows

We are pioneer in Rubber Expansion Bellows. our Rubber Expansion Bellows are designed to take care of reactional forces like Thermal Expansion, Contraction, vibrationsetc, which otherwise break pipelines. These Rubber Expansion Joints are made up of Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, Viton and also in Natural Rubber etc, Our Rubber Expansion Bellows are reinforced with specially treated Nylon, Rayon,Glass Fiber, Fiber, Steel Cord etc, by taking care of the designing for perfect balance between movements of Axial, Radial, Torsion and Angular and pressure bearing capacity. Himsan Polymer Rubber Expansion Bellows are available in sizes ranging from 1" NB to 72" NB with hydro testing upto 24-bar pressure. These bellows are either integrated flange (metallic flanges are bonded with rubber) or split back-up flanges, and are made strictly as per the customer's design, drawing and specification.

Our Expansion Joints are designed to alleviate stresses caused by thermal expansion and contraction in piping systems, noise and vibration. Their flexibility permits connecting misaligned piping resulting from worn parts, foundat- ions settling and operation of system and mechanical equipment. Himsan Polymer Expansion Joints offer many user benefits over conventional metal connectors. They are non-corrosive, do not require gaskets, will not fatigue, requires small space, permit axial, lateral and angular movement, shock resistant, do not become brittle and eliminate electrolytic action.